Deploy WordPress with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt Certbot (SSL)

WordPress is a widely used web content management system (CMS) originally designed for blogging but now supports various types of web content. It allows users to create and manage websites, blogs, forums, media galleries, e-commerce stores, and more.

WordPress is written in PHP. So, we can deploy it easily using Nginx, the same way as we deploy another PHP application.

And we will also protect our WordPress traffic data by using SSL.

Here we will see how to deploy WordPress on our own with Nginx and SSL to our server:

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Alternative Way To Install Upwork Desktop App For Manjaro(Arch Linux)

A few days ago, I wanted to install the Upwork desktop application to my Manjaro OS. Before this, I succeeded in installing the Upwork desktop application on my Windows 10 OS. But when I tried to install the application to my Manjaro OS, there was an error when the installation process tried to fetch the binary from the AUR (Archlinux User Repository). I already tried to check my connection, VPN, and tried some solutions from the internet but they were not helpful at all.

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Software Engineer Tips for Setting Up Deadline

For software engineers, deadline already become their everyday life. When we talk about the initialization of the project, we will come to the question “When is the deadline?”. When we are working on our project, we always have questions like “How much time do I have for this project?”. And when we need to bring some changes to our work, then we will have a question like “Can I make these changes before the deadline?” in mind. And when it comes the time to assess our performance, is our work always done before the deadline?

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