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How to Run Android Emulator for Development Without Android Studio?

      Usually, we will install Android Studio to run our code in its Android Emulator. This emulator is usually called AVD (Android Virtual Device) Emulator. But, sometimes when you don't need Android Studio for the development process but still need the AVD Emulator, it will become a hassle to install a whole Android Studio to your PC.     So I will show you how we will install and run AVD Emulator without installing any Android Studio. Here's the step to install AVD Emulator to your PC without Android Studio. Get Tools Package      tools package is part of Android SDK, a group of packages that are needed for Android development. tools package is used for managing other packages to create AVD's. Here's the step for getting the tools package:          1. Go to the Android Studio download page .     2. Scroll down until you found a section for downlo

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