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Web Scraping with Python in Indonesian E-Commerce (Tokopedia)

       In 2006, British mathematician and Tesco marketing mastermind Clive Humby shouted from the rooftops, "Data is the new oil". And today we can see data has become a powerful weapon that can influence the direction of the world. It can decide the next action that needs to be taken in a business, increase goods selling by providing the product related to the customer's taste, create good Artificial Intelligence to minimize human work, etc.     And in this article, we will study how to get data from an existed website, this action is usually called web scraping. For this one, we will use Tokopedia, one Indonesian E-Commerce, as a study case. Getting the Data     The first step to web scraping is to decide what data we want to get. In this case, I want to get shoe(sepatu) data and it will be sorted by the review(ulasan).     Then let's see the website. The website is shaped by a markup language named HTML. And

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