Overcome My Social’s Fear

     Growing up in a perfectionist parent environment can bring me benefits and disadvantages. For the benefit itself, you can become an ambitious person who strives to always make a great accomplishment everywhere. You always learn and try to do anything perfectly in every environment you get in like schools or your workplace. Somehow this feeling makes people stressed out. But some people can overcome it by learning how to take it slow and you can have so many modern entertainment media to do this.

    Aside from that, after focusing too much on work, people can have a hard time socializing with other people. For people with occupations like software engineers who graduate from computer science course that always encourages individual skill above everything, trying to socialize with other people from different fields can be pretty hard. Not every time that they can understand what we mean in talk or discussion. And this thing can lead to fear of socializing with other people.

    Right now I’m experiencing this fear too. Starting from don’t know what to say if near other people, afraid when need to talk in front of the class, and awkward moments when the talk’s topic is exhausted. And badly, right now I’m in my last year at college and need to join the workforce the next semester.

   Before I graduated from college, I tried a training from Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa named Generasi Gigih. For the first soft skill training, they taught me how to become someone who can adapt to every situation. With the knowledge that I have from this training, I will try to overcome my fear.
    The first and most important thing is I believe that I can change my current condition. I believe I can overcome my fear if I try and do some steps that I had planned. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, then how can you change yourself? And if I don’t believe it at all, I’m the same as I lost before the war began.
    Second, I will try to proactively talk to other people, and maybe if I can, I will offer my help with my expertise. This training is a golden opportunity to practice this because so many people don’t have a computer science background and struggle with the material provided by the committee.
    Third, I will try to smile, listen, and try to talk to other people. Try to be genuinely interested in other people. I learned these tips from a book named “How to Win Friends and Influence People” which I think is a really good book to learn about socializing with other people.
    I will try these plans and maybe sometime I will update the result. Thank you.